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Thursday 25 October
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Welcome to Córdoba

This incredible city is waiting us!

Córdoba is a city with an iunique and impressive cultural and monumental patrimony. Its strategic position, near the Guadalquivir River, whichwas formerly navigable, and the legacy of the different peoples who settled on its rich farming lands.

The UNESCO recognised in 1994 the universal importance of Cordoba's historic legacy, and extended the title of World Heritage Site not only the Mosque-Cathedral, but also to all the streets and buildings around it. In addition, in 2012, Córdoba was awarded a further accolade: The Festival of the Patios (Countryards) was added to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity sites. Finally, in May 2018, Medina Azahara was algo recognized with the title of World Heritage Site.


of the IX International Congress of the Garcia Cugat Foundation for Biomedical Research.

Two centuries of history endorse the trajectory of the University of Córdoba, which, founded as such in 1972, has its roots in the Free University that operated in the province at the end of the 19th century and has centennial studies such as those of Veterinaria, unique in Andalusia. Its youth and its average size - the UCO has 21,000 students; a little more than 1,200 professors and 700 workers.

The UCO's studies range from the Humanities and the Legal-Social Sciences to the Health Sciences and the scientific-technical careers, three areas that correspond to its structuring in three large campuses: the social legal, the one of the Health, and the agroalimentario, scientific and technical of Rabanales.
Rectorado de la Universidad de Cordoba - Medina Azahara Avenue, 5 · 14071 Cordoba.


Hotel AC Cordoba · Av. de la Libertad, 24, 14006 Córdoba.

The AC Hotel Córdoba is located near the Renfe (AVE) train station and allows an easy access to the historic centre, Cordoba Mosque, Arabic Baths and Julio Romero de Torres Museum. The modern 98-guess room Cordoba Hotel, features the AC Lounge, a pleasant area where you can enjoy a varied gastronomic offers and many different corners in which you can work, rest and read the newspaper.

In addition, the guests can delight in the fitness center and Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel, so that guests can connect to the internet whenever they want.

Special Rates: single room for 128.50€ per night, beakfast included.

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IX GCF International Congress
Medina Azahara Avenue 5
14071 · Córdoba

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Saturday 27th Oct 9am to 1.30am

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